LED wearable makes spectators part of the show

LED wearable makes spectators part of the show
Although concerts can be an exhilarating experience, when they reach a certain scale it’s sometimes hard to feel part of the show. Last week organisers of the Country Music Awards sought to combat this by making concert-goers part of the experience with wearable LED technology.

Small RF-controlled LEDs worn on the wrist called PIXLS transformed the awards to an event underscored by audience participation (with a helping of data collection). Throughout the evening fans could use the LEDs to show their support for veterans or their own military status.

Manufacturer Hurdl help evolve the concert-going experience into a real-time illuminated event via wearables. They say other uses include lighting up fans of one gender, or who may like a certain song, particular sports team or have a certain relationship status.

hurdl wearable Pixl LED light
The LEDs can display up to 16 million different colours to indicate user characteristics, and incorporate a front that unscrews to be recycled.

On the night, after receiving their PIXL fans send an activation SMS and then proceed to send responses to several questions particular to the event. Hurdl then stores their responses in their database and illuminates single fans or groups of fans during the show where appropriate.

The company says it has big plans to transform "the multi-billion dollar live event industry, which hasn't seen innovation in over 30 years." With a range of potential use cases on offer for Hurdl, it will be interesting to see where PIXLs will be spotted next.

Source: Hurdl