Lasers deliver outdoor glasses-free 3D for the masses

Lasers deliver outdoor glasses-free 3D for the masses
Laser powered, giant 3D displays that do not require glasses could soon be deployed in outdoor areas. Austrian start-up, TiLite Technolgoies, has worked with the Vienna University of Technology to create autostereoscopic outdoor screens with day and night visibility. The product, which is said to offer several thousand 3D viewing zones, is tipped for use at sports events, concerts, public screenings and other forms of digital signage.

The TriLIte Trixel product, which makes the displays possible will be demonstrated at the Photonics West 2015 exhibition, February 10 to 12, 2015 in San Francisco, USA.

Ferdinand Saint Julien, CEO of TriLite, said: “We are taking the next step in the evolution of large scale outdoor digital signage screens by enabling viewers to see the screen´s images in 3D, all this without having to wear 3D glasses”.

With the TriLite Trixel, each pixel contains a red, a green and a blue (RGB) laser diode instead of LEDs currently used in large-scale outdoor screens as well as a movable micro-mirror.

These “Trixels” allow different image information to be steered to a viewer´s left and right eye, thereby enabling 3D without glasses for thousands of viewers.

Saint Julien said: “Imagine, for example, the screens on New York´s Times Square in 3D, or any setting that currently uses LED screens with full daylight viewability.”