Lasers bolster 3D experience

AUTHOR: Inavate

A small California-based startup has wowed NAB visitors with demonstrations of its 3D laser-driven 100” screen. HDI says its technology represents a superior 3D alternative and boasts the highest refresh rate of any mass-produced television or projector. HDI showed off its product at the Las Vegas exhibition, eliciting praise from Apple founder Steve Wozniak who described it as the “best demonstration of 3D technology” he had ever seen.

HDI’s 3D 100" prototype 2D/3D stereoscopic 1080p Television system

HDI claims the 2D/3D switchable dynamic video projection television delivers a 2D image with 50 per cent greater resolution than digital cinema. The company also claims to have “eliminated” adverse effects, such as migraines, dizziness, and nausea, sometimes experienced when watching 3D content.

The product was first announced in September 2009. The product boasts stereoscopic 1920 x 1080p “3D” image quality created by two RGB laser-illuminated Liquid Crystal on Silcon (LCOS) micro display imagers. At full 1080p HD, the HDI screen refreshes at 360 fields per-second on each eye.

HDI’s display technology will be utilised in HDlogix NAB exhibit. HDlogix, a provider of 3D video products and services, offers television networks and movie studios the ability to convert 2D HDTV broadcast feeds to 3D either in real time or in post-production. HDlogix will demonstrate support for multiple 3D formats (anaglyph, polarised, and shutter lens), and use a 2D HD camera to capture live HD footage, which will be displayed instantly in 3D.

Ingemar Jansson, president and co-founder of HDI, said: “We anticipate demonstrations of HDlogix’s real-time 2D-to-3D conversion technology on our 2D/3D Switchable Dynamic Video Projection Television to be one of the biggest hits of NAB”

He added that the relationship between the two firms could “potentially set the standard for high-def 3D broadcast content delivery and presentation”.