Las Vegas Sphere venue develops camera capable of 120fps in 18K

Las Vegas Sphere venue develops camera capable of 120fps in 18K
Sphere Entertainment has announced the launch of Sphere Studios, dedicated to developing original immersive entertainment exclusively for the upcoming Sphere venue in Las Vegas. The first of the Studios' developments is Big Sky, an ultra-high resolution camera system.

"Sphere Studios is not only creating content, but also technology that is truly transformative," said David Dibble, CEO of MSG Ventures, a division of Sphere Entertainment focused on developing advanced technologies for live entertainment. "Sphere in Las Vegas is an experiential medium featuring an LED display, sound system and 4D technologies that require a completely new and innovative approach to filmmaking. We created Big Sky – the most advanced camera system in the world – not only because we could, but out of innovative necessity. This was the only way we could bring to life the vision of our filmmakers, artists and collaborators for Sphere."

Sphere Studios is home to an interdisciplinary team of creative, production, technology and software experts who provide full in-house creative and production services, including strategy and concept, capture, post-production and show production. It will offer multi-sensory live entertainment experiences that immerse audiences visually, as well as through sound, haptics and environmental elements including heat, wind and scent.

pic: Sphere Entertainment


In development since 2021 to provide the types of imagery needed for the giant dome, the camera features a single 316-megapixel, 3 x 3-inch HDR image sensor that can capture imagery at up to 120 frames per second in 18K square format, or higher frame rates at lower resolutions.

The first live performance at the new venue will see U2 take the stage for a short run of Achtung Baby Live shows from September 29. The first Sphere Experience, titled Postcard from Earth, is scheduled to premiere on October 16.


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