Largest IOSONO 3D audio showroom opens in Germany

Largest IOSONO 3D audio showroom opens in Germany
Fohhn has unveiled its new 3D sound lab which boasts an IOSONO 3D system.

Acoustic designers and system integrators were invited to the launch of the audio showroom at the company’s headquarters near Stuttgart.

“The installation offers a spectacular listening experience and the feedback we received was highly positive,” said Jochen Schwarz, CEO at Fohhn. “The new sound lab certainly wows the eyes and ears of our visitors.”

IOSONO’s Spatial Audio Processor IPC 100 and 46 Fohhn speakers allow for the creation of any three dimensional sound environment. The system set up includes a ring of 24 Linea LX-100 speakers and 18 Linea LX-10 speakers mounted on the ceiling.

IOSONO and Fohhn are currently working on a large-scale sound installation in Switzerland which is expected to be finished next year.

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