Lang commits to Panasonic 28k laser projectors

Panasonic PT-RZ31K laser projector

Lang, one of Europe’s largest AV rental firms, is to buy 50 Panasonic PT-RZ31K projectors, the 28,000 lumens laser phosphor projector launched at ISE 2016.

The 3-Chip DLP SOLID SHINE series, which has been designed specifically for large venue applications, is the brightest projector Panasonic has ever launched.

Tobias Lang, CEO of Lang AG, said, "We are convinced that, over the next few years, the rental market will fully transition to laser technology. In order to lead this shift, Lang AG has carried out a technical evaluation of the RZ31K projector and its alternatives. We feel that due to the robust and reliable laser concept, the outstanding picture quality and the compatibility with existing Panasonic lenses, the new projector is sure to be extremely popular."

The projector is available from autumn 2016 in both WUXGA and SXGA+, each outputting 28,000 centre lumens, and is compatible with existing Panasonic lenses for 3-Chip DLPTM projectors, allowing operators to share lenses between projectors in their inventories.