L-Acoustics sound system powers PIST6 championship

L-Acoustics sound system powers PIST6 championship
The PIST6 Championship cycling event harnessed an intelligible L-Acoustics audio system to power the event experience.

The PIST6 Championship, a hybrid sport and entertainment event in Japan, required an audio system fit to meet the high bar of the cycling event.

One Love Project was brought in to produce a show to wow spectators, focusing on providing a selection of ‘street music’ with a system that harnesses a strong low-end and vocal clarity for spectators in the velodrome.

The system was required to be lively and dynamic, with sufficient SPL for music content while also providing an environment where conversations can be held at a normal level.

To achieve this goal, One Love Project selected an L-Acoustics system, using KS21 subwoofers to match the requirements of the event.

Four A15 Focus loudspeakers were flown alongside four KS21 subwoofers in a cardioid configuration for low-end reinforcement. Two of these arrays and subwoofer groups face each of the longer sides of the oval-shaped velodrome, with an array of four A15 Focus loudspeakers flown in the centre on each side to provide coverage to the middle columns of spectators.

Eight LA12X amplified controllers are used to drive the system, with an additional four pole mounted A10 Focus atop four KS21 subwoofers and six X8 coaxial boxes on floor stands in the centre lounging area.

A pair of X8 enclosures are also mounted on a pair of SB15m subwoofers, with five LA4X amplified controllers driving the sofa-seating area and food truck sound systems.

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