L-Acoustics L-ISA system enhances world class concert hall with landmark system

L-Acoustics L-ISA system enhances world class concert hall with landmark system
L-Acoustics has announced that one of the largest L-ISA immersive systems has been installed at the newly constructed Cavatina Hall, a multi-functional building filled with office and cultural spaces.

The six-storey multifunctional building required a reliable and adaptable audio system, with the answer arriving in the form of a L-Acoustics L-ISA system delivered by L-Acoustics distributor, Audio Plus. 

The system features a total of 141 L-Acoustics cabinets distributed in a 360-degree configuration, with a frontal system based on seven hangs of six Kiva II and an SB15m spanning the width of the stage. 

Additional low frequency is delivered by four KS28 subs suspended above the audience in an end-fire arrangement. 

Eight 5XT serve spatial front fill, with an additional nine 5XT serving audio for the seats in the two balconies behind the stage. Two X8 cabinets are used as in-fill and six X8 cover the balconies, with an additional 28 X8 placed as effect cabinets. The system is controlled by two redundant L-ISA processors. 

Stage monitoring is handled by 23 cabinets, including X8, X12 and X15HiQ models. The entire system is powered by a mix of LA4X, LA2Xi and LA12X amplified controllers, providing a combined 108kW of power. 

A mobile Syva system can also be deployed to serve events in other spaces throughout the building. 

Marcin Smolik, producer and managing director, Cavatina Hall, said:“Because we are among only a few venues that have such a system, it puts us at the forefront of European venues. 

“The interest in the technology is huge. It is a treat for artists, and for the audience, it means quality.”

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