L-Acoustics K Series overhauls Minsk Arena

L-Acoustics K Series overhauls Minsk Arena
The Minsk Arena completed a large-scale renovation, incorporating a tour-grade audio system from L-Acoustics.

The L-Acoustics audio system was installed by BelCultProject, with the arena requiring a sound system that would improve audio quality and provide coverage throughout the venue for a wide range of events. 

BelCultProject used Soundvision, L-Acoustics’ 3D acoustical modelling and loudspeaker system design software, installing eight K2 hangs positioned above the venue’s video cube, pointing towards left and right sections of the tribunes across four main sectors of the arena – A, B, C and D. 

A and B sectors are supported by four nine-cabinet K2 arrays, with an additional four hangs of seven K2s deployed for tribunes C and D. 

Two hangs of three A15 Focus face the opposite ends of the arena, with four A15 Wide hung in the middle facing the playing surface for ice hockey and basketball games. 

Yuri Mihailovski, chief financial officer, BelCultProject, explained: “Minsk Arena is definitely one of the most prestigious projects that BelCultProject has completed in our more than 20 years in business in the Republic of Belarus and abroad. 

“L-Acoustics K2 resolved the key challenge of delivering optimum coverage across a wide range of events. It’s also extremely rider-friendly, with no better solution found in any venue in the entire Republic of Belarus.”

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