L-Acoustics adds show-stopping sound for Rihanna Super Bowl halftime show

L-Acoustics adds show-stopping sound for Rihanna Super Bowl halftime show
L-Acoustics K series loudspeakers were flown for the first time in more than 20 years, for game-defining sound reinforcement at Rihanna’s 2023 halftime performance for Super Bowl LVII.

The 13 minute show required the punch that would raise the roof of the State Farm Stadium, with ATK Audiotek/Clair Global specifying an L-Acoustics K2 system.

Rules surrounding the stadium’s usage meant that the system could not be deployed on the field, meaning the system had to be entirely flown.

More than 200 boxes were suspended for the performance, supported by a L-Acoustics fixed install system which comprises 122 K2 and 32 K1-SB enclosures.

ATK reinforced this system with six more identical arrays of 13 K2s over four K1-SBs, with three arrays per side suspended from the venue’s Brunel truss system.

An additional sub hang of eight KS28s supports the system at each end zone.

ATK’s system was powered by L-Acoustics’ LA12X amplified controllers, with LA8 amplified controllers drove the house system.

The stadium’s installed K2 hangs were turned off due to being in an insufficient position for the show, using K1-SBs in the sideline clusters which are configured more for low-frequency extension of the clusters.

The eight clusters of KS28 are used with eight subwoofers deployed for the lower bowl.

Signal transport was achieved over Dante to Focusrite RedNet D16Rs interfaces, then on to the LA12X amps over AES. The system was rounded out by a pair of Digico Quantum338 audio consoles at front of house, with an SD5 console used to mix monitors.

Dave Natale, front of house for Rihanna’s performance, commented: “This was a real ‘rock’ PA system. It was one gigantic music system made up of the best technology and put together by people who really know what they’re doing. It didn’t just sound great—it sounded great everywhere. [ATK audio project manager, system designer, and pre-and post-game event mixer] Alex Guessard and I walked through the entire venue, from the 100 level to the 300 level and two levels of suites in between, and every seat sounded great. And that’s despite a challenging rigging situation that limited where they could place hangs, which were mostly along the sidelines.”

“We went with L-Acoustics primarily because it’s such a great-sounding system and because it really simplified system design and integration with the house system,” Powell points out. “It gave us more options, and options are great to have. The show sounded fantastic, and everyone was happy with how it turned out. Everyone was smiling at the end.”

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