L-Acoustics opens access to library of scientific articles

L-Acoustics opens access to library of scientific articles
L-Acoustics has made its entire catalogue of AES scientific articles available for download free of charge for the first time. This includes recent subjects such as Optimum Measurement Locations for Large-Scale Loudspeaker System Tuning Based on First-Order Reflections Analysis and On the Efficiency of Flown vs. Ground Stacked Subwoofer Configurations, through to Wavefront Sculpture Technology.

L-Acoustics has a long and consistent track record of educational outreach. Last year, its teams conducted 700 days of training, 200 of which were completed at recently established L-Acoustics Authorised Training Centres in partnership with key Certified Providers. Six thousand certificates were granted to more than 2,000 trainees via these programs, which took place in 60 countries around the globe.

This commitment to educational outreach was immediately adapted to the current situation when, on March 17, L-Acoustics Application, Education, Marketing and Commuincations teams worked together to create a program of  daily online webinars, aimed to help industry members update and sharpen skills on L-Acoustics products and tools. Hosted at 5pm Paris time / 8am Los Angeles time every weekday, the webinars cover categories like Education, but also Application Case Studies, Product & Technology Outreach and Conversation with the Pros, featuring guest speakers.

The calendar of upcoming webinars can be found on the L-Acoustics website and all completed sessions are made available on YouTube to watch at leisure. 

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