Kudo to provide free access to interpreting universities during Covid-19 pandemic

Kudo to provide free access to interpreting universities during Covid-19 pandemic
Kudo has announced that it will provide free access to 16 universities to allow trainers and students of the European Masters in Conference Interpreting (EMCI) to hold classes through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Schools across the UK and Europe have already been ordered to close down amid the spread of the novel so-called ‘Coronavirus’, Covid-19, with many companies looking to alternatives to provide access to learners working from home. 

Kudo’s multilingual collaboration platform allows EMCI member schools to keep training conference interpreters despite the containment measures brought about by the spread of the virus. 

Approximately 150 students are enrolled in EMCI courses across Europe, Turkey and Russia, with up to eight universities banning onsite instruction, forcing training to deliver language interpreting teaching remotely with mock multilingual conferences each week. 

Ildikó Horváth, President, EMCI and the head of the department of translation and interpreting, ELTE University said: ”It’s important for us to continue our training classes and deliver the courses.

“I turned to KUDO over the weekend. In less than two hours, we had a full plan in place.”
Commenting on the virus' impact on video conferencing and remote interpreting, Fardad Zabetian, CEO, Kudo said: "Since the start of this crisis, our engineers and software developers have been working nonstop to create a hybrid meeting setup through a combination of traditional hardware and KUDO’s cloud-based solution. This has enabled KUDO to support multilateral organizations which are now confirming their upcoming meetings for large audiences onsite and online.

"In addition to the technology, our roster of 2,000 trained conference interpreters and a network of partners on four continents are available to support your meetings with guaranteed success, no matter where you are or what language your participants speak. We’re ready to accommodate anything from scheduled business video calls, regional meetings to large onsite conferences in unlimited languages, for an unlimited number of participants."

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