Kramer's Smith rallies for charity - again!

Kramer’s larger than life National Sales Manager Andrew Smith is attempting to replicate his 2010 Ramshackle Rally victory and continue Team GB’s summer of success.

Two years ago Andrew won the Ramshackle Rally to Poland with the  assistance of fellow team members 'Fizzy' and 'Jenk', this time Andrew  has signed up long time friend 'Big Nick' as co-driver and the intrepid  duo are driving their £150, 17 year old Peugeot 306XR all the way to  Croatia to raise money for the Intensive Care Unit at Leicester General  Hospital; where Andrew's Father sadly passed away a couple of years ago.

He has bought another banger and is setting out to attempt the 'Daddy' of all European banger rallies - the 2012 Ramshackle Rally from London to Split in Croatia.

Speaking exclusively to InAVate (no one else would talk to him) Andrew  commented: "Having shoe-horned myself and the team into a £136, 1 litre  Nissan Micra last time out, we've really splashed out this year spending  a whopping £150 on a jalopy to get us all the way to Split.

“Fully independent multi-link rear suspension, automatic air conditioning and a  six speed manual gearbox are just 3 of the things that our trusty Peugeot doesn't have.However, 3 of the 4 wind up windows do actually work and the welding Big Nick did on the exhaust manifold appears to be  holding - for now anyway."

The route will take Andrew and Nick down through France, across  Switzerland, up the 9,000ft Stelvio pass in the Alps to Bormio in Italy,  then on to Lubijana and finally to Split on the Croatian coast. All  being well Andrew (and the 29 other teams that have entered) will reach Split late afternoon on Monday September 4th having covered 1,600 miles  in just 4 days.

In 2012 Andrew raised the grand sum of £3,500 for the Intensive Care  Unit and this time is aiming to swell the hospital coffers by £4,000. A  number of industry colleagues have pledged sponsorship but Andrew is  still a fair way short of his target.

If anyone would like to sponsor  him then Andrew has opened a Just Giving page here:

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