Koy Neminathan announced as new trustee of Backup Tech

Koy Neminathan announced as new trustee of Backup Tech
Backup has announced Neminathan as a new trustee of the organisation and head of its Ambassador Programme.

Neminathan, business development director at Elation Professional and PLASA Manufacturer’s representative, has experience in the live entertainment industry and an understanding of the issues the industry has faced following the Covid-19 pandemic. Neminathan worked with the #WeMakeEvents campaign, an initiative that was set up to raise awareness of the lack of support for freelancers and companies within the entertainment industry during the pandemic.  

Neminathan said: “I wanted to bring a fresh perspective to the table about what we can do to raise more money and help more people. It’s not just about adding different events, but about how we get more of the industry understanding what Backup does, how to get more contributions, and highlight the good the charity is doing.”

Paul Robson, backup trustee, approached Neminathan in March 2023 looking for a young, new mind to join the Backup organisation. Piers Shepperd, Backup chair, added: “He’s already adding a new approach and having him dedicated to the Ambassador Programme will help us continue the work we do to help the industry.”

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