Kodak bows out of OLED market

AUTHOR: Inavate

Kodak, the first developer of OLED displays, has left the OLED market selling all relevant assets to a group of LG Companies.

Eastman Kodak Company hopes the move will tighten its investment focus and strengthen its financial position. The company has been a pioneer in developing technology associated with OLED displays. In the 1970s, Kodak scientists developed the world's first viable OLED material.

Laura G. Quatela, chief intellectual property officer and manager of the company’s OLED business, said: “As we said earlier this year, OLED is one of the businesses we wanted to reposition to maximise Kodak’s competitive advantage at the intersection of materials and imaging science.

“This action is consistent with that strategy. Our OLED intellectual property portfolio is fundamental; however, realising the full value of this business would have required significant investment.”