KNX powers pavilions across Dubai World Expo

KNX powers pavilions across Dubai World Expo
KNX revealed its standard is at the heart of automation across a number of attractions and pavilions at the Expo 2020, being held in Dubai from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

The current Expo has seen 192 nations take part, building impressive pavilions to present their countries to the more than 25 million expected visitors.

Building automation, from HVAC systems to lighting, across multiple venues is being handled by the KNX technical standard.  

The lighting and air conditioning system in the UAE’s Al Wasl Plaza [pictured below] is based on KNX. Al Wasl Plaza has a diameter of 150 metres and is crowned by a 65-metre-high, translucent dome in the form of the Expo logo, which serves as an immersive 360-degree projection surface. 

In Opportunity Pavilion [pictured below] KNX thermostats and other devices regulate climatic conditions, while KNX functions also enable impressive lighting effects.

A KNX system ensures optimal control of parts of the building in the Belarussian pavilion [pictured top]. Meanwhile the KNX system deployed in Morocco’s pavilion [pictured below] will be used after the Expo concludes when the structure is converted into a residential complex.

In Brazil's pavilion [pictured below] a KNX system ensures the right interior climate to support the water plaza, inspired by the aquatic landscape of the Rio Negro in the Amazon basin. The lighting of the entire pavilion can also be fully controlled via the KNX system, as can the image and light projectors, speakers and aroma sprinklers. 

Smart KNX applications can also be found in the Peruvian pavilion, the pavilions for Luxembourg [pictued below] and Belgium are both controlled by KNX systems, complex light installations in France's pavilion are controlled by KNX, and Saudi Arabia's pavilion is also equipped with KNX technology.

Franz Kammerl, president of the KNX Association, said: "We feel greatly honoured that KNX is a part of Expo Dubai and can therefore contribute to the successful outcome of this highly regarded world exhibition. Therefore, we give special thanks to our KNX members and system integrators that made it possible. At Expo Dubai, they impressively demonstrate the versatile applications and comprehensive performance of KNX to the global public."

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