Kinly creates Kinly Rooms package for meeting room UC

Kinly creates Kinly Rooms package for meeting room UC
Global integration group Kinly has created Kinly Rooms, a pre-configured AV package offering hardware, software & services to deliver video collaboration.

Kinly Rooms comes in two different formats; Standardised is an all-in-one video collaboration system with cameras, screens and audio technology delivered ‘as-a-service’ with adoption, monitoring and flexible finance options.

The second offering is Customised, where users can tailor their own Kinly Room services but not as-a-service and with optional support.

Kinly Rooms can be delivered in 4 weeks and works with all existing IT infrastructures, and major conferencing platforms including Zoom, Teams and Webex.

Users can create a room in just 10 steps online, and rooms are split into 3 size categories - small (2-6 people), medium (6-8 people) and large (8-12 people), with the appropriate AV to fit each room.

Speaking to Inavate, Andy Evans, commercial director, Kinly said "We want meeting rooms to be as easy to buy as a new laptop for a user. AV and IT have truly merged. We've been saying it for 3 years but its actually there now."


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