Kinect + Videoconferencing + AR = ???

AUTHOR: Inavate

This is how it should be done. Four researchers from MIT’s Media Lab have taken Microsoft’s wildly popular gaming interface to yet another level of amazing with a new project called Kinected.Conference. In their own words: “What we can do if the screen in videoconference rooms can turn into an interactive display?”

With Kinect camera and sound sensors, they explore how expanding a system's understanding of spatially calibrated depth and audio alongside a video stream can generate rich three-dimensional pixels containing information regarding their properties and location.

The team created four features, which are "Talking to Focus", "Freezing Former Frames", "Privacy Zone" and "Spatial Augmenting Reality". A full explanation of the system they created, along with diagrams, a storyboard of the process and a load more detail is available on the Media Lab website.