K-array announces 2024 K-academy training sessions

K-array announces 2024 K-academy training sessions
K-array has announced its 2024 programme of in-person K-academy training sessions, offering an exploration of the K-array, Kscape and Kgear ecosystems through a three-day experience.

The training sessions, occurring almost monthly, will be held at K-array’s headquarters in Florence, Italy, providing attendees with an opportunity to explore the company’s latest technologies, products, and values of the brand.

The K-academy training begins with a unique ‘K-experience’ on the first day, a new format for the 2024 event, which includes presentations, audio experiences and project examples for an introduction to the K-array ecosystem.

Day two continues with sessions on installation techniques and introductory sessions on amplifiers and software components, with optional workshops that allow attendees to focus on their target skill areas, such as amplifier programming and API management.

Focus groups on the Kscape brand and technologies, such as electronic beam steering and home cinema configurations are also available, alongside product workshops for K-array’s Mugello and Firenze loudspeaker lines.

K-array plans to make these training opportunities available to a wider audience later in 2024, through the development of a dedicated E-learning platform.

Daniele Mochi, customer support director, K-array, commented: “I believe that a K-academy course must go beyond merely presenting technical data; it's about warmly welcoming participants into the unique world of K-array. In our online courses, we strive to transmit our values, vision, and overall passion for the industry. While we put our best effort into these virtual experiences, visiting our headquarters provides the complete K-experience. It’s a delightful blend of education, entertainment and a unique chance to meet the minds behind the development of our solutions.”

“The introduction of monthly K-experience and workshops at our headquarters allows for more people to join us, although we recognise that not everyone can make it to Italy. We're actively working to enhance the K-academy presence online with a new E-learning platform. This initiative aims to make our courses more accessible, allowing individuals to conveniently participate from the comfort of their homes or offices.”

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