K-array chooses exclusive French distributor

K-array has chosen Appel Electronic Industrie (AEI) to be the exclusive AV distributor for its products in France.

Founded in 1986, AEI has a long history in the distribution of switchboard equipment to French broadcast companies. Once president Rodolphe Fabbri took over the company in 2013, AEI shifted business models from only working directly with clients to an indirect distribution network with operators and service providers.

"My goal from the beginning has been to distribute premium products to a wide range of end users which is why I took such an interest in K-array," explained Fabbri.

"K-array will totally integrate with our distribution philosophy and I feel their solutions can add value in the pro audio industry, more specifically, installation, portable and touring."

AEI is already planning to develop a showroom in Paris to demonstrate the K-array signature design.