JoeCo gets Dante for Blackbox

JoeCo gets Dante for Blackbox
JoeCo has embarked on collaboration with Audinate that will see Dante technology incorporated into Blackbox Recorder products.

Under licence, JoeCo will incorporate Dante technology into its large-scale multi-channel recorder for audio acquisition and live performance capture.

“Successful capture and play back of large amounts of audio data in different live situations depends on sample accurate synchronisation and low latency,” said Joe Bull, managing director of JoeCo.

“With BBR products increasingly used in broadcast, film and TV applications as well as live sound, it has become increasingly important to find a protocol that enables fast, reliable and integrated data transfer while keeping costs and complexity to a minimum. In this respect, Dante has proven itself to be the most effective networking technology currently available and we look forward to establishing a successful long-term partnership with Audinate”.

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