JBL pumps up the pool party at Ibiza Rocks

JBL pumps up the pool party at Ibiza Rocks
JBL Professional audio products were used to upgrade the Ibiza Rocks’ famous poolside live performance area, incorporating JBL’s VTX series line array speakers.

Ibiza Rocks needed to replace its aging sound system with a Harman Professional live audio system consisting of JBL Professional loudspeakers while minimising disturbances to local residents.

With a focus on both live bands and DJs as headliners, the Ibiza Rocks team collaborated with Harman Professional Solutions to enhance its pool parties with a new stage position, upgrading to a JBL VTX A-series sound system. This new system empowers Ibiza Rocks with increased sound levels within the venue.

Ibiza Rocks now features a main left-right array of six JBL VTX A8 line array speakers with two hangs of JBL VTX A6 compact line array speakers for outfill. Four JBL AC28 speakers serve as the delay fills for the balcony, with the same number of JBL CBT 1000 column speakers cover areas further away from the stage to create an even sound field.

Additional AC28 cabinets provide powerful sound as requested for the VIP areas located on the side stages.

12 JBL VTX B15G subwoofers are deployed to create a strong low end, deployed in cardioid mode to deliver a balanced bass response across the performance area while minimising spill behind the subs.

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