Italian business centre brings communities together with AMX

Italian business centre brings communities together with AMX
To provide a streamlined technology platform that supports business and community events alike, Intermark Sistemi recently outfitted Barton Park Green Business Center in Perugia, Italy, with a complete AMX networked AV system.

Barton Park is a multi-use community space built by Barton Group to celebrate its 30th anniversary. The park is a place to become immersed in nature, to meet friends and attend events in its 2,000-seat theatre. Thanks to its welcoming accessibility and free Wi-Fi, the park is a popular hangout for local families, workers and students.

Inside Barton Park is the Green Business Centre, the new headquarters of Barton Group. The facility is used by staff members and visitors to organise meetings, training courses, workshops and conferences. In order to ensure successful events and operations, the Green Business Center required a modern networked AV system to support control over the meeting room technology. To achieve this, Barton Group hired Intermark Sistemi to outfit the facility with a complete AMX by Harman networked AV system.

“The AV technology at Green Business Centre needed to be reliable and discreet,” said Mario Canala, IT manager, Barton Group. “The many rooms required networked AV systems, and the equipment itself needed to blend into its surroundings aesthetically and unobtrusively.”

The meeting rooms in the Green Business Centre can be reconfigured and combined to create many small meeting spaces and one large main hall. These rooms were originally conceived to be used exclusively by Barton Park staff, but have since been opened up for use by guests and visitors.

For maximum flexibility, Intermark Sistemi chose to centre the AV design on the AMX Enova DVX presentation switcher. The Enova DVX platform enables staff members and guests to manage all audio, video and control devices in a range of configurations. To ease integration, the installation team included AMX SVSI Series AVoIP products to create a networked AV system with video conferencing, immediate transmission and scalable operation. Finally, Intermark Sistemi proposed AMX Touch Panel devices to give staff and visitors intuitive control over the various aspects of the meeting room technology.