IT pros flag audio quality as the gap to hybrid work success

IT pros flag audio quality as the gap to hybrid work success
A survey on the implementation of a successful hybrid work strategy has found IT professionals pointing at insufficient audio equipment as a core challenge.

The paper, commissioned by Shure, and based on over 600 interviews across multiple countries, has found that poor audio quality is impacting effective communication and collaboration.

"From an IT perspective, implementing a successful hybrid work strategy isn’t just about software; it's about making sure your hardware—especially audio equipment—meets the standards your employees need to excel," says Rob Smith, senior director, system sales, Shure. "Our research finds that UK organisations are at the forefront of hybrid work adoption in Europe, yet there's a clear gap when it comes to providing high-quality audio solutions, which affects everything from meeting engagement to overall productivity."

UK-focused data reveals that although businesses are adopting hybrid work models more readily than their European counterparts, they are grappling with issues like poor communication and low attention levels during virtual meetings. IT professionals point to insufficient audio equipment as a core challenge.

Smith elaborates: "For IT leaders, the task is straightforward but crucial: invest in professional-grade audio equipment. This is the foundational element that enables effective communication and equitable meetings, ensuring that everyone—whether at home or in the office—can contribute meaningfully."

When compared to global metrics, the UK leads in embracing effective hybrid work systems but falls short in recognising the vital role of high-quality audio. While globally, 72% of financially successful organisations invest in professional audio gear, the UK lags in this area, indicating a pressing need for IT to step in.

The report asserts that high-quality audio isn't merely a tech issue; it's a human-centric concern that IT professionals must address. Investments in quality audio solutions can help dismantle the recurring cycle of workplace frustration, thereby enabling UK organisations to not just adapt but thrive in this new era of hybrid work.

The IDC research also highlights that organisations that invest in audio will see a significant impact from the first meeting to the last:

  • Employee Retention: 90% of staff see it as an investment in their future at the company
  • Organisation Image: 89% of respondents say it impacts the way staff and clients feel about an organisation
  • Employee Well-Being and Happiness: 73% of respondents say it makes them feel valued, appreciated, and more capable
  • Heightened Agility and Decision-Making: 49% of respondents say it contributes to improve decision making

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