ISE backs signage with second area

AUTHOR: Inavate

Integrated Systems Europe is underlining its commitment to digital signage with a second dedicated area.

Integrated Systems Events said a digital signage ‘Showcase’ at the Amsterdam show, February 2 - 4, 2010, would demonstrate to attendees a complete signage system, with content creation, management, delivery and display solutions from a range of vendors, all viewable in a single location.

Mike Blackman, managing director, Integrated Systems Events, said: “With over 250 digital signage exhibitors at our tradeshow and our DOOH Business Conference now firmly established as Europe’s premier networking event for digital advertising, we felt the need to provide an additional Digital Signage Area for 2010.

“The Digital Signage Expert Showcase is a key element of this, and we believe it will hold enormous appeal not just for our core integrator channel but also for those DOOH Conference delegates who may be less technically orientated, such as those from the creative content and agency communities.”

Adjacent to the Showcase will be a number of other features, including a real-time demonstration of the ‘RAI Live!’ digital signage network which is used by ISE’s organisers and exhibitors to promote show features and education sessions, as well as to assist attendees with wayfinding.

An additional booth staffed by members of OVAB Europe will introduce attendees to the association for the outdoor advertising industry, which aims to drive the growth of the DOOH sector by promoting the adoption of standards that are comparable to those used by ‘conventional’ media.

Ronni Guggenheim, CEO of Minicom Digital Signage which has been appointed by ISE to run the Showcase, explained: “The digital signage industry is a fragmented collection of technology and solution providers, each of them offering one piece of the puzzle in the digital signage eco-system. While a show visitor normally walks the floor seeing bits and pieces of the overall application out of context, our Showcase will present the end-to-end solution – giving a bird’s eye perspective on how to plan, create, rollout and operate a full-scale digital signage network, from content to measurement.”

As an extension of this activity, OVAB Europe will be providing a ‘Digital Signage Expert Tour’ of ISE, which will begin and end at the Showcase.