ISCVE launches code of practice for assistive listening systems

ISCVE launches code of practice for assistive listening systems
The Institute of Sound, Communications and Visual Engineers (ISCVE) has launched a comprehensive guide and a code of practice for installing assistive listening systems.

The guide and code of practice are aimed at users, system designers and installation companies that wish to improve their knowledge and understanding of assistive listening systems.

The new code of practice aims to set a new standard for the industry, with the objective of making accessibility easier for those with hearing impairments to access intelligible sound.

The guide outlines the core principles of assistive listening technology, with an introductory section that explains the necessity and basic functioning of systems, delving into the technical aspects of assistive listening systems, discussing system types and respective features ranging from induction loop systems to infrared, FM, WiFi and Bluetooth systems.

An explanation of common challenges and solutions associated with system design and installation are also included, with key considerations for compliance with legal and regulatory standards.

Additionally, the document also offers practical advice on system maintenance and troubleshooting for longevity and optimal performance of systems.

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