ISCE rebrands as ISCVE

ISCE rebrands as ISCVE
ISCE has rebranded as the ISCVE (Institute of Sound, Communications and Visual Engineers) to better recognise the diversity of its members and markets as well as the convergence of technologies.

Helen Goddard, president, ISCVE, commented: “We recognise that audio without visual, in today’s markets, is a little like tea without biscuits, you rarely see one without the other. whilst it is important for us to continue to embrace members and market sectors of our origins, we also welcome with open arms, members who are working within additional disciplines, skill sets and technologies and our brand identity has been changed to reflect that.”

The ISCVE’s training programs include acoustics, assistive hearing, PA and sound reinforcement systems, voice alarm and audio-visual technologies alongside ISCVE training programs which are CPD accredited. 

The ISCVE training courses include programmes presented by consultants, engineers and practitioners, open to both members and non-members. 

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