ISCE hopes seminar will combat recession

ISCE hopes seminar will combat recession
Seminars at ISCEx will tackle the financial crisis, offer instruction regarding standards and look at developments in sound systems. The seminar programme, at the UK event, kicks-off on March 3 with an hour-long breakfast session starting at 8.00am.

This early discussion boasts a panel of financial and legal experts that will be available for discussion regarding the recession

A further four seminars will take place throughout the day. Doug Edworthy will cover Standards IEC 62489-1 and IEC 62489-2 while David Tyas turns his attentions on PCB design considerations to reduce EMC and digital interaction with the aim of achieving optimum audio performance. John Woodgate will talk about developments in sound system, EMC and safety standards. Finally, Jim Smith will suggest ways to prevent failures when delivering intelligible speech.

More than 30 exhibitors, from the sound and communications industry, are already booked into the Watford, UK event. For further information contact Ros Wigmore on 0118 9542175 or

The Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers is a UK society founded in 1948.

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