Iranian technology start-ups to visit Europe

Iranian technology start-ups to visit Europe
For the first time in Europe, a technology conference and educational seminar with a specific focus on Iranian e-commerce and innovation will be held in Berlin this summer.

iBRIDGE-Berlin will host over 500 Iranian technology start-ups, and provide them with the opportunity to meet with their Western contemporaries to exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences.
The conference, to be held from 4-6 June, will include leading Iranian entrepreneurs from fields ranging from robotics and nano-tech to green-tech, medical and wearable technologies.
The event has been designed to provide the participants with access to educational and innovative leadership within their sectors from universities and companies around the globe.
iBRIDGE-Berlin is purely an educational event, is privately funded and organised, has no government involvement and is founded on the apolitical principal that the support and promotion of the digital economy should be accessible to all who work within it.

Attendees from Iran fall into two groups: the first group represents established, successful entrepreneurs from the private sector, mainly in information and communication technologies, nanotechnology and molecular biology. The second group is composed of younger start-ups and innovators who have demonstrated talent and expertise in developing business ideas and/or creating start-up companies in the aforementioned sectors.

iBRIDGE Berlin will be held in CityCube, a new convention centre.  iBRIDGE Berlin is a sequel to iBRIDGE Berkeley which was a conference held at the University of California, Berkeley on Sept 6 2014.