iOS 13 reveals plans for Apple AR headset

iOS 13 reveals plans for Apple AR headset
Two iOS developers (Steve Troughton-Smith and Guilherme Rambo) have discovered evidence of a stereo AR feature called StarBoard (the software needed for compatible AR hardware) in the latest iOS update.

Steve Troughton-Smith (@stroughtonsmith on Twitter) found that the iOS 13 GM (the final version of the software sent to retail partners) comes with a readme file for how users can run Stereo AR apps on an iPhone when they don't have access to Apple's headset.

StarBoard is Apple’s system shell for stereo augmented reality apps (headset).

"It seems very much like Stereo AR apps are an app extension type you can include in your iOS app bundle, if you have the entitlements. One imagines that when Apple's headset is attached, it has a dashboard of some kind that shows you your available Stereo AR apps (like CarPlay)," says Troughton-Smith.

The tech giant has also made no secret of its desire to make an AR headset of some kind.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has publicly said Apple won’t ship an AR product until it can deliver “a great experience,”