Interactive Restaurant knows when you’re ready to order

Interactive Restaurant knows when you’re ready to order
Diners can now order food without a waiter through the use of tabletop displays and integrated technology created by Ukrainian firm Kodisoft. The company wants to transform the restaurant experience so that it’s possible for someone to order their food, play interactive games with their fellow diners, see what there is to do in the locality that evening and then book a taxi to take them there – all without saying a word to a member of staff.

Other ideas at bringing interactivity into the dining sphere has seen peoples’ mobile devices mooted as a method to order food - as Kodisoft also does as among its services – but the core of its offerings consist of more integrated solutions. While the concept may sound like an antisocial proposal, the company sees the technology as encouraging interaction between diners while enabling them to do things like research the food options in their preferred language or even watching a live feed from the kitchen while the chefs are preparing their meals.

As well as offering tabletop displays in the dimensions of traditional restaurant tables, the company offers slimmer and wider versions for fast food counters and others aimed at nightclubs and cafes.

Two restaurants have been fitted out so far, the Oshi Asian Interactive Restaurant in Cyprus and the Ebony Interactive Restaurant in Dubai.

Kodisoft offers interested parties help developing the concept of their eatery, its cuisine, its corporate identity, interior, equipment and consequent promotion. The company entered the interactive dining market having developed software for interactive projects for global clients over the past decade.

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