Interactive DOOH trial predicts bright future

Interactive DOOH trial predicts bright future
A UK interactive out-of-home advertising trial has demonstrated high levels of engagement and strong dwell times according to its creators Clear Channel and Kinetic.

The two week trial analysed consumer interactive with an interactive advertising panel located in a bus shelter on a London high street. It was equipped with a range of interactive technologies including touch and gesture control, gender and facial recognition and interactive with smart phones.
It attracted over 2000 interactions from users, and the two companies claim that the project has given them insight into how the public wants to interact with OOH advertising. It is hoped that the research will enable brands and creative agencies to develop and implement effective campaigns.
Key findings of the project include:
  • Consumers found interacting with an OOH advert positive and fun with 92% of participants agreeing interaction makes an advert stand out more. 82% also say interactivity makes an advert more engaging.
  • 8 in 10 participants believe interactive OOH advertising is a good way for brands to talk to people.
  • 90% agree interactivity and consumer involvement makes an advert more effective in capturing people’s attention.
  • Touchscreen was the most appealing method to initially interact with 78% more likely to choose touchscreen.
  • Over half of consumers prefer to use their mobile phone to leave details or as an option to continue the conversation with brands.
  • 93% of participants said they are likely to notice an interactive OOH advert in the future with 3 in 4 likely to interact again.

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