Interactive display improves road safety

A road display system concept, that would deliver individual warnings and instructions to drivers, has been unveiled by the Art.Lebedev Studio. Razmetkus is described as an interactive system and is designed to inform motorists of traffic situations, change road markings, show road signs and issue helpful hints. The system, which consists of an interactive road and sensors, could tailor information to individual drivers.

The Art.Lebedev Studio, a Russian design studio, developed animations to show a number of applications including recommended road speed, re-routing in the case of an accident, crossing warnings as a pedestrian approaches a road and alerts for drivers too close to the car in front.

No details are available regarding sensing and display technologies that could be used and the Razmetkus system would be tough to realise and almost certainly cost prohibitive.

However, LED carpets, that could direct people to emergency exits and sports halls that could change markings depending on the game being played have been mooted before.