Interactive billboard updates in real-time

Interactive billboard updates in real-time
Two new digital billboards in London are interacting with real-time flight data as part of an advertising campaign for British Airways. The billboards, which have been installed in London’s iconic Piccadilly Circus and Chiswick in West London, were developed by the airline’s global creative technology agency Ogilvy 12th Floor.

The screens show a small child, who springs into life whenever a British Airways plane flies overhead. The child points to the exact location of the plane above the billboard, which then triggers advertising creative and displays real-time data of that plane, including it’s destination and flight number.

A weather feed reads cloud height to determine if the plane is likely to be visible or not, as well as taking into account daylight hour restrictions.

The content of the advert changes depending on which particular plane is above the digital billboard, and the destinations can also be updated immediately depending on changing focus routes for the airline.

This billboard is running Scala software, according to the Daily DOOH website.

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