Interactive 3D projection mapping gets lift-off in Netherlands

Interactive 3D projection mapping gets lift-off in Netherlands
Projection mapping was recently combined with motion capture techniques to deliver an interactive 3D video display in the Netherlands. NuFormer, Motek and Creative Technology Holland joined forces to stage the event, which is being billed as the world premier of interactive video mapping projection. The technique, dubbed Mocapmapping, uses motion capture techniques to create a powerful interaction between audience and display.

A 20 minute show was played out in Zierikzee, using two 45 meter high grain silos as a backdrop.

The tower was transformed into an enormous time machine, controlled by Perry Dox, a comical time traveler from the year 2525. Perry traveled to the correct year, but arrived at the wrong day. Restarting the time machine was the only option although here some issues and technical disturbance occurred. Therefore the audience’s participation was required to gain extra lift-off power.

Mocapmapping is a product from 3D mapping specialist, NuFormer.

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