Intel’s RealSense lets you capture in 3D

Intel’s RealSense lets you capture in 3D
Technology that allows users to scan 3D objects then manipulate or print them will appear in devices as early as next year. Intel’s RealSense technology, which will also deliver facial recognition and gesture control capabilities, is to start appearing in tablets in a matter of months and in phones within a couple of years.

The system is said to allow devices to gauge depth much like the human eye. After scanning a 3D object through 360 degrees it can be manipulated using Intel’s hand- and finger-sensing technology, shared or sent to a 3D printer. The scanners themselves are said to be small enough to fit in the bezel of even the thinnest tablets.

The full potential of the technology has yet to be realised but, to attract a new generation of software that harness its RealSense technology, Intel have put up $1 million in prize money to encourage developers to create apps for it.

As well as potentially offering a new interactive tool to encourage engagement in visitor attractions and museums, the technology could aid AV system design by offering an easy way to scan and insert objects and equipment into 3D plans.

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