Intel launches credit card sized device to power IoT

Intel launches credit card sized device to power IoT
Intel has announced a new modular compute platform called the Compute Card. The device, which measures the size of a credit card, will be able to power a variety of IoT devices.

The Compute Card is aimed at developers and businesses looking to integrate a computer with an Intel processor into smart devices, such as interactive refrigerators and smart kiosks to security cameras and IoT gateways.

The device measures 94.5mm x 55mm x 5mm, all processor, memory, storage and wireless connectivity are all included in the card.  Connection to devices will be done via USB-C.

The Intel Compute Card has all the elements of a full computer, including Intel SoC, memory, storage and wireless connectivity.

Intel is working with a wide range of worldwide partners including Dell, HP, Lenovo and Sharp, to bring products to their respective markets. It is also working with local partners including Seneca Data, InFocus, Contec DTx, TabletKiosk and Pasuntech.

The Intel Compute Card will be available in mid-2017 and will come with a range of processors options, including the latest 7th Gen Intel Core processors.