Integrators create Global AV Partnership

Integrators create Global AV Partnership
CompView, Unified AV Systems and Digitavia have announced the creation of the Global AV Partnership (GAVP), a consortium of AV integrators created to design and deliver functional meeting spaces to a worldwide customer base.

GAVP will support enterprise clients across 5 continents via their specialised globally-based workforce of over 500 AV professionals. The GAVP offers corporate clients a truly scalable source for all their audiovisual, unified communications, maintenance, support and system installation requirements.  

“This is not a new concept but one our customers are telling us is not being delivered well. We have developed the GAVP to solve this problem.” said Darren Pitt, Digitavia.
"Large corporations are challenged with implementing AV systems across their campuses as most integrators can only offer regional, or at best, national support.

"Enterprise clients are therefore left with little choice but to manage multiple AV integrators for each of the countries they operate in. This results in a much greater burden on the client, inconsistent results in the implementation of AV systems and the failure to adhere to the standards-based approach they are striving to achieve.
The founding members of the Global AV Partnership have come together to create a truly customer focused global offering, delivering consistent, quality AV systems the buyer can implement with confidence."

Membership in the Global AV Partnership is currently open to additional partners. To be considered for membership companies must: support ongoing staff development and industry certification, operate within a sustainable business model, have a defined project management and installation process, and demonstrate a proven track record of successful large-scale project delivery with exceptional customer satisfaction.

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