Integrator ISDM Solutions undergoes rebrand

Integrator ISDM Solutions undergoes rebrand
Following an extended period of growth, ISDM Solutions, a UK integrator specialising in remote working and space management systems has undergone a comprehensive rebranding exercise that will help to better serve businesses in the post-pandemic environment.

ISDM Solutions has long been committed to helping clients improve their internal and external communications and interactions, and this has formed the foundation of the new rebranding exercise.

The company has built its new brand around the concept of communication, and amongst the many changes that are set to take place, an enhanced communication style is one of the most prominent. The business has confirmed that customers can expect a shift in tone of voice that will enable the team to better connect with both new and existing clients, and drive improved engagement with the customer.


“Having worked to build a diverse and highly passionate team, we’ve been able to drive innovation and development in ways that we never thought possible,” says ISDM Solutions CEO, Rory Branigan. “We naturally reached a point where the business was moving forward at a rate that our former branding simply couldn’t keep up with, and we knew it was time to create a new brand that better reflected the new us; that communicated our renewed focus on quality and our enhanced commitment to our customers.”

The rapid growth experienced by ISDM Solutions was accelerated in March 2020 when many organisations were forced to quickly shift from on-site to remote working environments following Government advice for employees to work from home where possible. ISDM Solutions was - and continues to be - postioned to assist and support businesses as they transition to remote working through the bespoke design and installation of cloud networking and security services, video conferencing software and space management systems.  

In addition to the new communication style, ISDM Solutions has also introduced an entirely new website aesthetic, with bright and bold colours.

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