Insights into corporate huddle rooms from Biamp

Insights into corporate huddle rooms from Biamp
Biamp Systems has released a white paper, titled “Huddle Spaces: Bridging the Gap Between Desktops and Large Conference Rooms.”, which examines conferencing products in corporate huddle rooms. The white paper was written by Frost & Sullivan and is available for download.

The white paper focuses on the new role of conferencing equipment in the modern office space. With corporations adopting open-office designs, the old school setup of conference rooms is no longer adequate to serve the needs of small group collaboration.

Instead, the paper explores how organizations can expand the desktop into a conferencing space by pairing the PC with quality audio and video equipment. With increasing bandwidths available, decreasing costs of software and the high familiarity of end users with computers services to provide day-to-day collaboration and conferencing are easy to deploy.

As mentioned in the paper, corporation are increasing looking to “huddle rooms” to provide these conferencing and collaboration services. Huddle rooms, smaller than conference rooms, are places where employees can utilize high-quality audio and video equipment via familiar software to get in touch with colleagues.

Paul Waadevig, who is the unified communications product manager at Biamp Systems, says regarding the paper: “The goal of this white paper is to highlight how extending desktop capabilities into a huddle space environment can help organizations improve employee collaboration and decision-making, resulting in a greater return on investment.”

The whole paper can be found here.

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