InfoComm releases new AV systems verification checklist

InfoComm releases new AV systems verification checklist
InfoComm has released a detailed system verification checklist for systems integrators and consultants, which includes detailed criteria to determine if the AV system achieves the client’s objectives and performs in accordance with the design.

The audiovisual systems performance verification checklist includes 162 criteria and was developed over the course of a year by a global panel of subject experts.

"By creating and distributing this checklist, InfoComm has met its longstanding goal of establishing verification guidelines to help industry professionals and their clients communicate effectively about mutual expectations for system performance," said David Labuskes, CTS, RCDD, Executive Director and CEO, InfoComm International. "I urge the industry to adopt this list as a basis to foster better communication between the AV industry and the people who rely on our systems." 
The new checklist is a featured requirement of InfoComm's Certified AV Solutions Provider (CAVSP) program. Diamond CAVSPs are required to show a completed Audiovisual Systems Performance Verification Checklist for one AV installation. Emerald CAVSPs need to indicate their commitment to adopt InfoComm International's Audiovisual Systems Performance Verification Checklist for future AV installations.

In order to continue the industry dialogue on quality, InfoComm has convened a Standards Task Group to publish an InfoComm standard based on this list that will be submitted to ANSI for consideration of adoption by the second quarter of 2013. As part of this process, in the coming months InfoComm will offer a draft standard that will be open for public review and comment.

The checklist can be downloaded from here: