InfoComm creates UK task force

InfoComm creates UK task force
InfoComm International has announced the formation of a new UK task force, to focus on the development of the UK audiovisual industry.

The task force has been appointed for a year’s term by the InfoComm International board of directors, under the structures laid out in the InfoComm board policy manual. For those not completely familiar with this fascinating tome, it allows the board to appoint such task forces for a specific period of time with a specific purpose in mind.

The stated purpose of this new group is:

The UK Task Force is a new group with the mission of providing guidance to the InfoComm staff in creating local programs and activities in the UK and reporting to the InfoComm Board of Directors as to the potential role of local leadership within the association.

Speaking about the formation of the task force, Greg Jeffreys, president of InfoComm International stated: “The formation of the UK Task Force is a sign that the UK has got to a certain point, maturity and critical mass and we’ve appointed some key figures to manage and drive that growth locally.”

These key figures include representatives of manufacturers, integrators distributors and rental companies from across the UK industry:

Greg Jeffreys, InfoComm president, director, Paradigm Audio Visual Ltd.
Frank Sheehan (Chair), director, Visual Acuity Ltd.
Scott Burgess, business development director, Creative Technology London
Gordon Innocent, chairman, RGB Communications Ltd.
Deborah Jones, CTS, AV/IT sales manager, QEII Conference Centre
Sarah Joyce, HR manager, Electrosonic Limited
Andrew Smith, sales manager, Kramer Electronics
Jim Sheach, HOD AV, University of Edinburgh

The members of the task force will participate in a webinar on May 23rd highlighting its mission and to promote involvement in a UK-wide survey. A link to the registration page for the webinar can be found beneath this article.

Hopefully the formation of this task force marks the start of increased interest from InfoComm in servicing its membership on this side of the Atlantic, and we look forward to future announcements regarding Europe’s other key AV markets.