InfoComm Academy day details, RUs up for grabs

InfoComm Academy day details, RUs up for grabs
Further details are now available of the seminars for InfoComm’s next London Academy day. Attendees will be able to earn a total of 6 CTS renewal points for the whole day.

The day’s agenda includes the following seminars.

Digital Signal Management — Presented by Mike Roberts and Nick Mawer of Kramer.

HDMI and DVI digital signals present particular challenges in terms of distance transmission, EDID management and the restrictions that the technology places upon the design of an AV system or rental application.
This seminar will be covering the differences between HDMI standards and what they really mean, how to send DVI/HDMI signals over long distances, A to D and D to A signal conversion, EDID management/emulation and how to handle digital signals within the design phase.

Technology Trends in Electronic Displays — Presented by Robert Simpson of Electrosonic, on behalf of InfoComm International.

Join renowned display expert Robert Simpson, for the continuously updated enlightening session covering various display technologies. Discover what level of resolution is really required for various situations and what role contrast plays in these differing delivery schemes. This session also includes an update on Digital Cinema and 3D displays, a review of Light Sources for Projection, and the status of plasma displays. Simpson will also include application examples for 4K direct view and projection displays.

Designing Interactive Displays for Public Spaces — Presented by Paul Wood of Paradigm on behalf of InfoComm International.

This seminar is designed to present participants with an understanding of the interactive technologies available and how to appropriately deploy them.

Opening Doors to the SME Business Sector: The British Government's New Procurement Initiatives for Government Contracts — Presented by Paul Nolan of Integrated Circles on behalf of InfoComm International. 

With the UK government announcing a broad package of reforms designed to significantly open-up the public sector marketplace to Small and Medium Enterprises, this seminar will highlight the reforms and the procedures now available to SMEs in order for them to compete for government contracts on a more level playing field. A portion of the seminar will also highlight the European Commission consulting on the modernisation of the European Public Procurement Market on which a green paper has been put out for public review.

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