InfoComm 2019: Center Stage is back to promote experience design

InfoComm 2019: Center Stage is back to promote experience design
Center Stage will return to the InfoComm 2019 show floor (June 12-14, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, USA). Thinkers and practitioners from the fields of retail, entertainment, hospitality, events will take the stage to explore how proAV technology contributes to better experiences. ​ The free Center Stage (Booth 3161) sessions will feature experts from big firms and brands, such as Gensler and Google, and creative studios, such as Vita Motus and Quince Imaging.

"Center Stage is a representation of how AV can create staggering impact across a variety of markets," said Rachel Bradshaw, director of program design, AVIXA. "The speakers will discuss how AV enhances people's lives and provide attendees with actionable advice that can be applied directly to their projects."

Joining the Center Stage lineup is Heather Shaw, CEO of design studio Vita Motus, who will chat with Center Stage program director Kirsten Nelson about how Shaw's team creates visual and physical productions for artists, festivals, and brands, such as Pharrell Williams and Red Bull. Shaw began her career designing cars for Audi, specializing in concept vehicle and future energy products. While working with Audi, she used her industrial design experience to create festival stages on the side as a passion project.

Megan Lubaszka, Gensler's Southwest regional creative media leader, will share insights into the retail market from Gensler's Experience Index, such as why consumers gravitate to some stores and brands over others, as well as discuss specific design strategies that retailers can implement to improve the customer experience. At Gensler, Lubaszka incorporates virtual and augmented reality into the firm's daily architectural practice, working both on the development side of VR/AR applications and the socialization and user experience side of the technology.

Eric Gazzillo, producer for Quince Imaging, will discuss how the esports viewing experience is rapidly transitioning from online-only to increasingly large-scale live spectator events. He'll explore how creative content specialists and AV systems designers are collaborating with esports organizations and video game developers to put on the best possible show. Day to day, Gazzillo focuses on real-time, data-driven multi-screen control for the NBA, NHL, and international esports markets.

Google's AV engineering design team's  John Arpino, CTS-D, and Joseph Miklovic, CTS-D, CTS-I, will explain how looking at the role of the AV design engineer with a different lens will lead to new possibilities for careers. They'll discuss the concept of a full-stack engineer and how the previous understanding of a design engineer needs to change.

On Wednesday and Thursday of InfoComm 2019, Center Stage will host "Meet the Experts" sessions, where people will have the opportunity to network with the speakers and ask questions.

"Center Stage's 20-minute dialogues are designed to get to the heart of a topic quickly, and this year we want to continue those conversations off stage with the 'Meet the Experts' Q&A round-ups," said Center Stage program director Kirsten Nelson. "The 2019 presenter lineup features leading practitioners from the AV sectors that are evolving most rapidly. We hope that audience members enjoy the chance to gather more of these experts' perspectives on what's ahead for the AV industry."

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