Infinitus gets HELP for life saving signage

Infinitus is tackling cardiovascular diseases in Hungary with an imaginative digital signage unit that houses a defibrillator.

The Slovenian manufacturer was inspired to create imotion HELP after learning that every 20 minutes someone in Hungary dies of cardiac arrest. The product has been developed in association with Hungarian company, Adlife Media Point Corporation, the originator of HELP live-saving points.

By integrating the defibrillator into the full outdoor unit Infitus hopes it can help bridge the most crucial time gap of the first four to five minutes until an ambulance arrives. The HELP concept was developed for life saving via innovative solutions. In the case of imotion HELP, this includes training staff in a given area, for example a theatre, to operate the AED defibrillator, which is designed for unskilled users. An SMS is sent from the unit to all trained employees in the vicinity.

The unit is designed for outdoor usage (from -40°C to +75°C) and has a double sided multimedia face of two 52" LCD monitors in a vandal proof construction.

The product will be unveiled on September 15 during a live installation in Budapest at the front entrance of Westend City Center.