Industry mourns loss of Dennis Harburn

AUTHOR: Inavate

On March 26, 2009 Shure Incorporated announced the passing of Shure Distribution UK's managing director, Dennis Harburn. He had been with the company for 36 years and was described as “invaluable” by his colleagues.

“I was shocked and deeply saddened by this news,” said Sandy LaMantia, Shure’s president and CEO. “Dennis had a very long relationship with Shure, as an Associate and as a channel partner. His expertise and leadership in the complex United Kingdom audio marketplace were invaluable to Shure throughout those years. He will be greatly missed. My sympathies go out to his family and to our ‘family’ of UK Associates.”

“I met Dennis roughly 20 years ago, but really started to get to know him in 2002 during Shure’s re-acquisition of the Company’s UK Distributorship,” added Al Hershner, vice president of Shure’s Asia and Americas Business Units. “He will always be remembered for his integrity, humility, compassion, and his leadership of our operations in the UK, but I will have a lasting memory of his wonderful sense of humour…always able to lighten even the most difficult of moments.”

“Dennis was instrumental in the growth and continued success of this company,” said Markus Winkler, managing director of Shure’s Europe, Middle East, and Africa Business Unit. “He was a special person…a true gentleman. His professionalism and his personality will be missed by all of us at Shure and by those in the professional audio industry who knew him.”