Indian dance club chooses L-Acoustics

Indian dance club chooses L-Acoustics
The blueFROG dance club in Pune, India has chosen an L-Acoustics sound system to handle the audio needs of the venue. Munro Acoustics was commissioned to deliver the project and ensure quality audio was achieved.

Kapil Thirwani, acoustic consultant for Munro Acoustics requested an L-Acoustics XTi Architectural Series point-source for the main system. The front of house system comprises of four 12XTi two-way passive coaxial enclosures, four ETR12XTi adjustable U brackets and a single LA4 amplifier. The subwoofer system consists of two SB28 subwoofers and a LA8 amplifier. Delay fills are provided by six 8XTi two-way passive coaxial enclosures, six ETR8XTi adjustable U brackets and a LA4 amplifier.

The installation took ten days, with a further week spent on optimizing the system to get it up to speed before the first live shows took place. A particular challenge faced was the fact that the venue includes two full glass walls making sound design significantly harder.

Thirwani explained how the challenges were overcome: “The architect was very helpful in the process; many a time we are given pre-defined points to hang our speakers, so that's so often a major stumbling block, but here in Pune, we were given free rein to do what was best for the sound, which really helped. To overcome the reflections challenge, we played with the height and the wide splay angles of the XT system and then worked out an acoustic model to avoid these unwanted reflections.”

Although the system can be driven much higher if required, it is set to run at between 112 and 115dB SPL, which was right for the venue. Simran Mulchandani, managing director of blueFROG, said: “Our patrons have reacted very positively [to the sound system] - many of them are in awe of the sound - and all of our home-grown Indian artists as well as international visiting artists have only had positive things to say about the sound, which is fantastic.”

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