Increased demand delays Microsoft Surface Hub

Increased demand delays Microsoft Surface Hub
Surface Hub, the much anticipated collaboration tool from Microsoft, has hit a delay in its production timetable with Microsoft pushing back the September 1 release date.

The technology giant says the delay is due to increased demand and a need to ramp up production volumes.

It has not yet released a revised schedule but expects to update customers at the beginning of August.

In a statement, Brian Hall, general manager of Surface Hub, said: “We started taking pre-orders on July 1 and we’ve seen strong demand out of the gate. Based on the early interest we see, we’re tuning our manufacturing process to prepare for production at broader scale.

“To do this, we are adjusting our product roll-out schedule to ensure we deliver a great customer experience and set our partners up for success. We will not start shipping on September 1 now. We’ll have more details on our updated shipment schedule in early August. In the meantime, we will continue to take pre-orders.”