Inavation Awards: What’s new as we open for entries for the 2023 event

Inavation Awards: What’s new as we open for entries for the 2023 event
As all categories open for entries for the 2023 Inavation Awards, we update you on exciting new changes, and tell you everything you need to know to enter.

As we embark on another year of the Inavation Awards entries are open for all categories of the 2023 event. Now in its 17th year, the Inavation Awards only remains as fresh and relevant as it did back when we started out by a continual process of reviewing and updating our categories and criteria.

So what’s new in 2023? The largest change is the Business Awards that have been simplified and rolled up into one overarching Company of the Year Award. Open to any company working in AV, this award will look at a whole range of areas where a company should be excelling to demonstrate not just successes in sales and marketing but customer care, investment in staff, ethical operation and consideration of the environment as well.

Over the years many companies have entered multiple categories within the Business Awards and it’s clear that the boundaries between the entries were often blurred. A successful Marketing Campaign was often demonstrated with increased Sales, Best Place to Work entries detailed investment in staff to be able to support worthy causes thereby demonstrating strong Corporate Social Responsibility, R&D efforts contributed to greener products and would have been worthy of the Sustainability category.

It became clear to organisers and judges that we should be looking at how all these processes, initiatives and campaigns worked alongside each other to deliver a better company which is what we hope to see within the 2013 Company of the Year entries.

Moving onto the Project Awards and this year we’ve worked with KNX to introduce the Smart Building Award. This award is for companies that can demonstrate delivery of intelligent, automated AV systems that integrate and interface with wider building management systems, as well as those integrators that have taken on larger aspects of a project to handle building systems such as security, HVAC and lighting and shading.

You can’t enter this award directly, instead you must complete a project entry into one of our vertical market categories and indicate that you would like to be considered for the Smart Building Award.

To be eligible you must answer two additional questions on the entry form and, within the entry you will upload, include a clearly headed section that outlines why the project is a worthy winner.

Finally we have some small changes to the Technology Awards that sees the return of many categories including the hugely popular Communication & Collaboration category. This year we’ll be paying special attention to certification of communication products so make sure you outline Microsoft Teams, Zoom or other platform certification should you have achieved these endorsements.

New to this section of the Awards is the Digital Signage Award and the Content, Streaming and Broadcast Award.

All categories are open for entry now

Company of the Year and Technology Awards close on October 7, 2022.

Project Categories including Applied Technology close on October 31, 2022

For more information and to enter head to

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