Inavation Awards announces new category that spotlights Microsoft Teams Rooms

Inavation Awards announces new category that spotlights Microsoft Teams Rooms
The 2024 Inavation Awards will see a brand-new Project Category that recognises the rise of Microsoft Teams Room integrations and aims to reward integrators that prioritise usability and experience in video-connected meeting rooms.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, effective and seamless communication has become more crucial than ever before. With the rise of remote work and global collaboration, videoconferencing platforms have become essential tools for organisations worldwide. Among these platforms, Microsoft Teams has emerged as a leader, offering enhanced teamwork, communication, and collaboration with a system that readily taps into the workflow of companies already using Microsoft products. Its adoption was hugely accelerated during the pandemic and, as people returned to workplaces and the post-Covid hybrid working office took shape, demand for Teams Room installations exploded and their implementation has been growing in sophistication ever since.

We’ve followed this trend and its impact on AV installation professionals in detail in the pages of Inavate magazine. Now, to acknowledge the significance of Teams Rooms in pro AV, the Inavation Awards is proud to introduce a new category: Best Teams Room Integration.

The Best Teams Room Integration award welcomes entries from any vertical market as long as Microsoft Teams is the core videoconferencing platform. To be eligible, applicants must explain why Microsoft Teams was chosen as the core videoconferencing platform and demonstrate use of the broader Microsoft Teams and Microsoft solution offerings. This could include leveraging Office applications, Microsoft management portals, and other complementary tools.

Successful applicants will showcase the use of a Microsoft Teams certified product ecosystem, incorporating Microsoft Teams certified sources, outputs, control systems, and peripherals. The entry will show that the integration is built on a foundation of compatibility and seamless functionality, providing a reliable and cohesive user experience.

Although larger projects involving entire buildings or facilities can be mentioned in the entry, the focus should primarily be on a single room. If your installation includes a roll out of many rooms pick the best room template and outline that with information on how that template was expanded or slimmed down to meet different room sizes or requirements. And, if the Teams Room is part of a wider project, applicants should consider entering the entire project into the appropriate vertical market category in addition to the Teams Room Installation category.

As the demand for effective remote collaboration continues to grow, the significance of well-designed Microsoft Teams Rooms installations cannot be overstated. The introduction of the Best Teams Room Integration category in the Inavation Awards recognises the crucial role of the AV integrator can play in leveraging Microsoft Teams to create exceptional meeting spaces.  

We also aim for this award to recognise outstanding integration achievements and inspire future excellence in an area of industry where the quality of outcomes, and therefore end-user experiences, can vary greatly.

This award is only open to integrators, distributors, consultants and end users. If you are a manufacturer please see Applied Technology Award details.

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